Kunshan Rock Rui Bicycle Co., Ltd. is a cushion, wheel group, pedal, car bag, rest, sports kettle, triathlon equipment and other products specializing in the production and processing of limited liability company
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  • Adhere to the science and technology to create the
    Since the advent of shared bicycles, it has become an important choice for people to travel, becoming the third major mode of travel after bus and subway. Mobell cycling as a leader in the industry, si...
  • Follow the triathlon to enjoy the scenery of Kaihua
    In September 16th, the 2017 China Kaihua Qianjiang National Park beam Cup International Triathlon elite tournament started in the Qin river. The first batch of players are ready to start. Swimmers in t...
  • Mark Cavendish: this year is the hardest part of my
    2017 season draws to a close, Mark Cavendish will also participate in Paris tours (October 10th) and London six day competition (October 24-29). This season, the famous British sprinter suffered from i...
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